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Team IT UK is a portable computer repair Company dedicated to offering an all-in-one high quality IT support in London. Our Technicians are professional and qualified with years of experience, we can help you with:

Laptop Repair 

We offer quality Laptop & Notebooks repairs on most makes and models at the most competitive rates. We can travel to customer premises and replace broken screen, repair keyboard, DVD, power jack, upgrade memory or setup email on same day. We are happy to give free advice on how to make your laptop run faster and keep it healthy.

You can rely on us as our team of factory-trained technicians has many years of experience. Before getting on with thelaptop repairs work we make sure that the cause of the malfunctioning of your laptop is thoroughly analysed.

We can also send you a quote for your laptop parts.

iPhone Repair

We offer expert repair service for iPhone 3g, 3gs and 4g. Combination of our skills, fast & reliable service, and our knowledge puts our customer service above our competition, Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

We offer repair and replacement service for iPhone Touch screen / digitilizer, Lcd Display, Battery, Back cover, Camera, Headphone, Microphone, Power Button, Loudspeaker, Dock connector and any other malfunctioning.

PC Upgrade

Is your computer out-dated or not working at all? 


We can upgrade your computer or replace broken parts to get it working again. 


Don't spend thousands on a new computer, we can get your old one working like new again. 


Whether it's a new PC hard drive, Laptop memory or a new computer power supply, we can do it all.

We offer on-site computer services & networking support service for your office or home-office. You'll receive top of the line computer support & computer networking support at very affordable rates, no travel charges and no hidden fees.


If you have computer applications that are not working properly we can repair them and make them work again.

Data Recovery
One of the most frustrating things that will happen to a computer user is the dreaded hard drive crash and you suddenly realise that you don’t have a recent backup of your personal data, documents and even worse, those hundreds or thousands of digital photos. But all is not always lost, even in the most seemingly worst of cases.

We have had great success in recovering drives that are no longer bootable or accessible by the computer. In many cases we have been able to recover a hard drive so it is once again accessible, although it would be unadvisable to continue using the drive for regular use, it does allow us to backup specific data or clone the entire hard drive to a new one.

Tip: In the case of data loss, it is important to turn off your computer immediately. This will minimise the chance of over writing and corrupting the deleted data. 

Virus / Spyware Removal

A virus is typically a small piece of code that comprises a software program that works to cause your computer to malfunction on the other hand sypware keeps track of your browsing habits and most of the times they are used for identity theft such as bank details and account passwords. We can certainly help you with removing viruses and spyware from your computer / laptop and provide you protection against them. 

If your laptop starts acting strange or you suspect that it may be infected with viruses feel free to drop your laptop in and the technicians can do a virus removal, clean up and tune up. If the laptop is very badly infected a reload of windows may be advised. 

System Performance

The cause of a laptop that is running slow can be a few different things including insufficient ram, virus/spyware/malware damage or infection, Large numbers of items in startup, A failing hard disk drive, CPU settings wrong in BIOS or powersaving set to run CPU at low speed all the time, Overheating from blocked/clogged heatsinks and fans.
We can identify your issues, fix the straightforward things straight away and if necessary quote you on more memory or a new hard drive. Click here to request a quote for the above services.

Windows Recovery

It is common for laptops with damaged Windows files to try to load Windows then crash (commonly with the "blue screen of death") and loop around trying to load the operating system. It is also common for Windows to partially load then freeze up before you see icons, or for it to crash and go to the safe-mode F8 menu.

To determine if its hardware or software we have some hard-drive technician tools that tests the drives and the Windows structures. In about 75% of the time it's the corruption of Windows files or a virus / spyware attack rather than a hard drive failure.

To determine what the exact problem is the technicians would need to test your laptop and then quote on repair.

Broadband and Wireless Setup

we are a one-stop centre for all your networking requirements, offering everything you need to get one or more computers connected quickly and hassle free.

We can help you find the right broadband package from right internet service provider. We are suppliers of a wide range of wired and wireless network equipment at very competitive prices. 

Printer, Scanner and other Peripherals

We can come to your house / office and setup your newly bought laptop, computer, printer, scanner and connect them to new or existing network. We will also give sound advise on how to keep viruses away from your computer and protect your identity and how to make your laptop perform better.

Email Solutions

Are you having problems with your internet, but just can't understand where you are going wrong? We know that not everyone knows the difference between a router and a modem, and that's what we're here for! Why go another day without being able to check your Facebook or download your emails?

If you are having any sort of email or Internet connection issue, our experienced technicians are trained in diagnosing and repairing internet faults, to help you get back online as soon as possible!

Domain Registration

If you run a business then a domain name can be added to your brochures, business cards, billboards, and clothing. This makes promoting your business easy as people will know how they can find you and will remember your name. Having a good domain name makes you look like an established business and will help you build trust with your customers. A domain name helps protect your brand, keeping it safe from your competitors.

Choosing a domain name is only the start. You'll need a website and email. We at Team IT can assist you choosing hosting plan to match your need.

Website Hosting

A web host is a service provider that places your web site on a computer which is connected to the internet. This then gives people who surf the internet a way to access your website. There are literally thousands of web hosting companies available in the market, all with different types of plans and at different prices. It can be hard to wade through all the options, especially if you are completely new to web hosting and just want to get your website up on the web.

Please contact us now to get a quick help on this.

Online Shop

We can provide support from choosing right product to fitting, please let us know your requirement and we will be happy to supply computer equipments and peripherals at lowest prices around. Checkout our latest offers and save time and money.

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